Here we go!

I should never say, “NEVER!”  It seems like whenever I do, that is EXACTLY what I end up doing.  Life is like that. I said I’d never live in Maine as an adult  In high school, I wanted nothing more than to escape and see what the world had to offer.  So, guess where I am?  Yup – Maine.  I said I’d never start a blog. Here I am pounding out on the keyboard my 1st blog entry.   I’m swearing off saying, “never”  because life is an adventure and we never know where the road leads!

I decided to start this blog about some of my travels around Maine.  It has taken me many years to come to appreciate my home state.  Every time I look at my license plate, I’m reminded that I live in “Vacationland.”  People love to visit this beautiful place and I am lucky to LIVE here.  I am blessed!  So, I’ll occasionally post about some of my wanderings around the state of Maine.  I’ll pop on to add little bits & pieces of life here in the north woods – great places to eat, fun trails to hike, things to do with kids on those long summer days.  I may even tell about some of my adventures around the USA as I visit National Parks (another of my passions).  I hope you’ll come along as I wander around in this crazy life.


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