How Time Flies!

Earlier this month, I had the chance to reconnect with the lovely Emily Westbrooks, a former student of mine.  She is currently living in Ireland and was “home” for a visit.  She mentioned wanting to do some photography of old barns, so I jumped up and offered to be her chauffer for an afternoon.  We took off on rte 3 towards Belfast. 

Stop 1 was in nearby Branch Pond. 

ImageWe made a quick stop at this old church.  The sign said the church was from 1861.  I instantly thought that that was the year the American Civil War began. We had fun peeking into the windows to see the old interior.  What history this building has lived through!Image


We then stopped at this “Real Country Store” and the Old Grist Mill.  Once again, we were left to peeking into windows and imagining what life was like when “everything” you needed for daily living in the village was just a short walk away. 

ImageAfter a bit more exploring, we set off towards Belfast. 

Before long, we saw the sign for the little village of Liberty and decided to take another side trip. What a treasure-trove for these novice camera-lovers! 

There was this unique 8-sided old post-office, lots of old buildings and even older “collectables”.  We had fun poking around, taking lots of pictures and chatting the whole time!


So far, we had taken lots of pictures, but NO old barns, yet!

We finally arrived in Belfast and headed off across the rolling hills toward Brooks and Thorndike.  FINALLY we found the perfect barn, sun and setting!


We laughed that the road-side sections were all nicely painted, but we were taking pictures of the weathered wood.  True character!

We continued on our way – chatting, laughing and enjoying the rural scenery. Before we knew it, we were back home. Even though it had been years since we’d seen each other, it was so good to catch up and relate to each other as adults instead of teacher/student.  The day passed quickly and I was also reminded of how quickly time does fly, both figuratively and literally!


Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens


The long Memorial Day weekend looked to be a cool, rainy bust but Monday was glorious!  As they say in Maine, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.”  Since my daughters were visiting for the weekend, we decided to head to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay.  Can I say that place is a garden-lover’s delight?!  Even better, all Maine residents got in for free during the weekend – I love a good deal.

While the tulips and daffodils were just past their bloom, but azaleas were out and there were many buds just waiting to pop when the warmer weather arrives.

I’m looking forward to return trips as the summer passes to see the gardens in all their splendor.  I especially hope to go during one of their Fairy Village days. There is nothing better than seeing kids enjoy nature and using their imaginations.

Bring on the summer sunshine and frequent day trips!

Here we go!

I should never say, “NEVER!”  It seems like whenever I do, that is EXACTLY what I end up doing.  Life is like that. I said I’d never live in Maine as an adult  In high school, I wanted nothing more than to escape and see what the world had to offer.  So, guess where I am?  Yup – Maine.  I said I’d never start a blog. Here I am pounding out on the keyboard my 1st blog entry.   I’m swearing off saying, “never”  because life is an adventure and we never know where the road leads!

I decided to start this blog about some of my travels around Maine.  It has taken me many years to come to appreciate my home state.  Every time I look at my license plate, I’m reminded that I live in “Vacationland.”  People love to visit this beautiful place and I am lucky to LIVE here.  I am blessed!  So, I’ll occasionally post about some of my wanderings around the state of Maine.  I’ll pop on to add little bits & pieces of life here in the north woods – great places to eat, fun trails to hike, things to do with kids on those long summer days.  I may even tell about some of my adventures around the USA as I visit National Parks (another of my passions).  I hope you’ll come along as I wander around in this crazy life.